Here Are Four Great Reasons Why Your Children Should Play Cricket

According to statistics provided by the government, eight in ten schools throughout the United Kingdom offer their students the chance to play cricket. This is fantastic news to hear as cricket is a sport that has multiple benefits for any kids that play it. Below we will take a closer look at what exactly these benefits are and we would not mind betting that after you have read this article you will be taking your kids down to your local cricket club so that they can play outside of school as well. For information the source of this article comes from : and also the official website:


It Teaches Resilience and Self Reliance

Although cricket is a team game, your fellow players cannot bowl the ball on a good length for you, they cannot sort your footwork out when you are batting, and they cannot get rid of any nerves you are feeling when you are trying to complete a catch. All of the above has to be done by yourself, so you need to be self-reliant and put the hard work in so that you release your true cricket potential. Thus, cricket is a really good sport for children to play because it allows them to develop their character.

Everyone on this planet makes mistakes, even the best sportsmen, but what is vital is that they do not let it get to them. They get themselves back on their feet and do their best to not make similar mistakes again. This is something that separates the best sportsmen from the average ones. Cricket teaches kids that there are tough moments in this life, but you have to overcome them. In other words, it will teach them to be resilient.

It Teaches Respect Towards Others

Cricket is a sport that is known for its respect. When you are watching a game of football you will regularly see players surround the referee and abuse him if they disagree with one of his decisions. You will also see players get into fights with other players.

You will never see this in a cricket match because in this sport you are always expected to show respect to everyone involved. If the umpire goes on to make a decision that you do not agree with, you just need to accept it. There really is nothing more unpleasing on the eye for cricket fans than seeing a player aim a tirade at an umpire.

Manners and good values are disappearing from society, but at least a game of cricket can teach kids the art of discipline as well as the importance of respecting people in charge.


It Improves Social Skills

Cricket gives children the opportunity to make some new friends as well as practice working with other people. This is something that will improve their social skills over time. Social skills such as cooperation and communication are important in everyday life and your children will learn skills that will allow them to become useful members of society when they are older.

It is a Lot of Fun

Playing cricket is something that will have a positive impact on your kid’s development, but one more reason why your child should play cricket is it is a lot of fun. Taking wickets, hitting boundaries, or taking a brilliant catch, what is not fun about that? Playing cricket while the sun is shining provides a lot of fun and helps your kids stay fit.

Last modified: 3 July 2020